Monday, January 1, 2018

Coast to Coast Day 6- Oklahoma to Arkansas

Thoughts from the day:

7:38am- Oklahoma... apparently I am officially in the south. This hotel gives instant grits packages out at breakfast. Never seen that before!

9:30am-You know you've lived by Idaho too long when you get to Oklahoma and see "Open arms & open roads" and instantly think they are an open carry state (turns out they aren't, fyi).

11:45am- Today's entertainment: guessing who on the road is local and who is from the north. There was a light dusting of snow this morning and if the lady who works at the hotel is any good representation, most locals think the roads are covered in ice and therefore shouldn't go out. So far these roads are fine!

- We chatted with the guy at the Arkansas state welcome center- apparently the hotel lady may have had some legit concerns. He said early in the morning the roads had been covered in ice and several accidents happened as a result. We've so far managed to miss all the bad weather! God is good :)

- I've noticed something: the farther south we go, the nicer the rest stops are. Whether it is at a gas station or a government funded roadside stop, they are GREAT. Rest stops in Idaho and Washington are typically pretty gross and unappealing looking. Out here? Fancy granite counter tops and stone tile, super shiny everything, and really really nice folks to greet you at each place. Also, I love Arkansas- it's great to have trees and winding roads again! Makes driving so much more interesting and pretty.

- Brinkley AK is super cold... but we didn't drive through bad weather all day! So yay! We are stopped for the night. Tomorrow it's on to Nashville.

8:00pm- Ringing in the new year in an el-cheapo Econolodge in Brinkley Arkansas! Come party with me. I have a knitting project, an iPhone, a book, and my mother. You know you don't wanna miss this :-P

This Econolodge features:
- Extra door locks
- Weird guys who lean on your window while they smoke
- A pipe sticking out of the wall instead of those stereotypical fancy-hotel shower heads.
- A melted-off door-stopper in the bathroom.
- Paper thin walls so you can enjoy the discussions of your neighbors and share their TV shows and music.
- A broken luggage rack.
- Dirty bedspreads (but the sheets look safe!)
- Dinged up furniture!

Econolodge: bringing in the new year right!

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