Monday, January 1, 2018

Coast to Coast Day 5- New Mexico to Texas to Oklahoma

Today we drove in 3 states: New Mexico, Texas, and are stopped for the night in Oklahoma.

Here are some thoughts from the road…

If you're going to litter, do it in New Mexico rather than Arizona. In New Mexico it costs only $300, rather than the $500 it will cost you in Arizona.

New Mexico is painfully dry. Chapped nose and lips!

New Mexico... land of a million billboards.

Texas, where you can visit the Windy Cow Cafe (I hope it is windy around the cow and not from the cow...hmmm). Also, really big pretty rest stops.

Oklahoma! I thought it would be more farm land-y. Or maybe have more windmills. Oh well. They did have a really awesome state welcome area/rest stop where they sold tons of great pins I could add to my jacket, so I am happy!

Also, I am amused realizing the order of billboards that I have seen on this trip...

Las Vegas: Gamble here!!!

Arizona: Didn't get lucky in Vegas? Try our casino.

New Mexico: Get help for problem gambling.


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