Friday, December 29, 2017

Coast to Coast Day 4- Arizona to New Mexico

Challenge of the day: staying awake.

One might argue that staying in Las Vegas as long as we did and not going to bed until 1am when we had to drive 7.5 hours today was a regrettable idea. Despite the exhaustion, I regret nothing. This is why my friends and family gave me Starbucks gift cards for Christmas, right?

Today has overall been uneventful, though I stayed amused by road signs...

Billboards in the order I've seen them:

Nevada: Gamble here!!!
Arizona: Didn't get lucky in Vegas? Try our casino.
New Mexico: Get help for problem gambling.

Then there are the fabulous Burma-Shave signs that feed you a few words at a time along the highway:

If you / Don't know / Whose signs / These are / You can't have / Driven very far

Thirty days/ hath September/April, June/and a speed offender.

In Kingman, AZ, we stopped by a Route 66 shop so that I could nab a pin for my jacket. While we were there the lady talked us into driving the remainder of Arizona via 66. She handed us a cute little red passport filled with fun facts about the towns we would see. There were also places where local businesses would stamp the passport, but we sadly did not have time to stop at them. Someday I'll come back and drive this to collect the stamps!

Driving 66 took a tiny bit longer, but it was so worth it. The road was far more scenic and it kept us from having to dodge so many trucks. I-40 is a major truck route and it get's kind of annoying sometimes.

Other than stopping at a couple of Route 66 shops in Arizona and New Mexico, it's been a fairly uneventful day. We did get to meet one of my mom's long-time internet friends at a pizza place, however! She seemed nice. Now we are stopped for the night in Albuquerque- cue the lengthy Weird Al story song!

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