Friday, December 29, 2017

Coast to Coast Day 3: Nevada to Arizona

This has by far been the most fun day on the trip:

Kicked off the day a little freaked out- couldn't get my key into the lock on my car. Didn't strike me until later that washing my car last night might have been a poor choice- forgot about the freezing overnight temps because compared to Idaho, Nevada seemed so warm! So yeah, my locks were frozen. Whoops. But we got into the passenger side and still hit the road, so yay!

From there, mom and I took a couple hour detour down the Extraterrestrial Highway in an attempt to hunt down the famed Area 51. We didn't make it to the gates of the mysterious air force base, but we had fun taking photos at tourist traps along the way and suspecting every black SUV we saw to be a potential secret service van tailing us.

After that, I did the sketchiest sounding thing I've ever done: met a guy in Las Vegas. The less sketchy side of the story: he is a worship pastor who is the son of a missionary family and is actually a super nice dude. We got lunch, then him, mom, and I went to an aquarium and explored a little of the Las Vegas Strip and walked around inside of the Mandalay Bay and the Excalibur (a hotel that looks kinda like the Disney castle). We also saw the Statue of Liberty, a pyramid, a sphinx, the Eiffel Tower, and the glitziest most so-totally-trying-to-be-classy McDonald's I’ve ever encountered.

Jared (my Vegas friend) was amazing and drove me and mom around the strip in his Mustang. We got a little lost getting back, and the traffic and lights were pretty overwhelming, so it made me SUPER glad he was driving us (even when we did almost side-swipe a limo- but hey, he still handled the place better than we would have). Anywho, we made it safely back to my Companion Cube, said goodbye, and armed with caffeine (yay Jared for buying me coffee!) and map apps, me and mom made it safely out of town and are now in Kingman Arizona, on the historic Route 66.

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