Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Coast to Coast: Day 2- South Idaho to Nevada

9:05 AM: Caldwell Auto Repair rocks. They got us in super fast on short notice. Waited for around an hour-ish to get the part put in and now we are back on the road! YAY. Here's to hoping the worst is behind us.

11:44 AM: The last two hours have been the best so far. Chill, no emergency lights, and an episode of Vinyl Cafe for laughs. Lunch and a side stop at an aromatherapy shop in Twin Falls now.

5:38 PM: Mom (after 5 hours on the road): I could really use a whoopie-cushion right about now!

Me: A what??

Mom: Oh. Um. Like one of those hemorrhoid pillows.

7:10 PM: MUCH better travel day today!

First thing in the morning a nice mechanic fixed the sensor on my car for a reasonable price. After that, we had a nice uneventful drive and hit up an aromatherapy shop in Twin Falls, Idaho.

From there we left the frozen Idahoan landscape and made it into the desolate (and surprisingly pretty and mountainous!) land of Nevada, where we were instantly greeted with a town called "Jackpot" that was nothing but casinos for a mile.

Mostly the drive was uneventful (I'll take that gladly after yesterday!), however, we did have one exciting moment: in the middle of nowhere, we almost had a head-on collision at 80mph with a pickup truck who was on the wrong side of the road. Turns out he is some kind of outlaw who is on the run from the cops! Seconds later two police came zooming by. I had to laugh. That guy is kind of an idiot- there is literally NOTHING out there for miles. When he runs out of gas, there is nowhere to hide. I hope I can find out more. I'm pretty curious what on earth he did.

Anyhow, we are now in Ely, Nevada for the night. We are super thankful for a great hotel, a working car, safe travels, and a climate where we can now feel our feet :)

Thank you all for your prayers! <3

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