Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day 8: Nashville

Today kicked off slow, which is fine- things will get crazy soon enough since I am moving to the group clubhouse today. Kristen was at work all morning, leaving me home alone to relax and blog and do my weekly Praxis call with my masterminds group (Anthony and Brian, pictured below in my favorite flashback from Praxis Weekend).

By 2pm it was time for all the craziness of the next 7 days to begin! Kristen and I met up with three of our soon to be 10(?) members of the Nashville clubhouse crew and we explored the huge brick house which will be home for the duration of my time here. During our exploration, me and Tim found cowboy hats.

By the time we finally got a shot of them from an angle that didn't look terrible, I was too struck with laughter to do much else.

Fast forward several minutes and we were on our way to get a few groceries:

Samuel: I reserve the right to harvest your organs if you perish in my car.

*Samuel almost misses a turn and takes it VERY sharp*

Everyone: whooaaaahhh!

Tim: you really want our organs, don't you?

Samuel: Do you have any idea what kidneys go for these days?!

Tim: More than this car.

Samuel: YEAH.

(So far, as of my writing this, we have all escaped having our organs harvested)


Later on, we all headed over to Jordan and Sara’s little newlywed place- a literal cabin in the woods. It's adorable, and also a slight bit of a fixer-upper.

Sara made sure to give us a list of things that were already in disrepair so that if we thought we broke something we wouldn't freak out. This included things such as the back doorknob (which falls off), the sink faucet and doorknob (which pulls out) in the bathroom (and something about the toilet), a warning about the ice dispenser on the fridge, and another miscellaneous warning or two. After all that, Jer then broke one of their coasters. One more thing for the list, eh? In his defense, it did literally just come apart while he was holding it.

After the briefing, Jordan gave us a short tour of the house, including the (slightly creepy) unfinished basement.

While we were down there, Jordan told us about their neighbors, who were more than willing to lend them any tools they need… including a chainsaw. Perhaps there is a dark scheme to kill us? I mean, Samuel and his kidney harvesting and Jordan in his dark basement with the option to borrow a chainsaw… do you see the connection that I do?

Once out of the basement, Sara gave us an amazing dinner of mac ‘n cheese, hot dogs, chilli, and watermelon. It was such fun to have this group together hanging out and chatting again. It’s hard to believe it's already been a year since we were last together. It almost feels like we never left.

After dinner, we enjoyed some fireflies, made noises at the neighbors goats to try and get them to come to us (it didn't work), and enjoyed s'mores around a bonfire. Jordan came up with an elaborate system to charge people exorbitant amounts of money for the s'mores- but last I knew he hadn't gotten a penny off of us for them :P

Other campfire talk included how Jer isn't going to get a girlfriend because “he is too busy making money”, to which Josh decided to play therapist and dive into the dark secrets of Jer’s psyche and learn of his long lost ex girlfriend. Fun was had by all!

When we got home, we were unprepared for what would meet our eyes. A guy we had never seen before came out of our basement, followed by a girl. We heard laughing and screaming from below. What is going on? We headed down to investigate. In the basement, we came upon Chris Howard (aka, Pun Diddley, from YouTube), with another YouTube person I’d never met named Missy. He was having his legs waxed and eating habanero peppers in front of a camera.

You just never know what to expect when you go to a YouTube gathering, eh? As it turns out, he was having his own gathering- “DidCon”, and he had made a deal that if he got $100/month of supporters on, he would do this challenge.

Then our other friend Chris got in on the action; he had to see if the peppers were as spicy as Pun Diddley was making them out to be… what we didn't all realize (at first) was that he has a special skill for eating spicy food.

Tim videotaped the action, or lack thereof. Pun Diddley declares that after Chris Hager’s pepper eating display, he felt like a lesser man. We laughed, he almost cried, we… tried to go to bed. But it took a while to find blankets for the pull out couch. We did eventually get to them, along with this fluffy pink bathrobe, which got passed around and modeled at 12:30am:

Then the couch bed tried to eat Jer.

Oh, yes, and now we are all (more or less) peacefully in our rooms for the night. A houseful of 20-somethings really will go to bed on their own accord eventually.

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