Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Day 7: Murfreesboro/Nashville

Kristen had to work for part of today, but that was okay. It gave me a little time in the morning to chill out and work on a few writing projects and get the past several days’ worth of blog posts formatted and posted. I’d been doing some of the writing on-the-go via my iPhone, but due to Google’s lack of a mobile function for Blogger, I have to wait until I have computer access to make my posts because I have no efficient way to upload photos.

Upon her arrival back, I munched the Chick-Fil-A she brought me from her workplace and she got excited because today was the day her favorite book series was to gain a new novel. So, what’s a book lover to do when her pre-order hasn’t yet shipped on release day? Show up at Barnes & Noble in case they have it in stock already, of course! I am never one to turn down an excuse to visit a book establishment, so moments later we embarked on a journey that involved stops at B&N, McKay’s Used Books, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. The photos below were taken in McKay’s, where we spent the majority of our afternoon:

As soon as I realized we were within 20 minutes of Olan Roger’s Soda Parlor, it didn’t take long to convince Kristen that we ought to make a stop in there while we were back in the city. It is one of my top 3 favorite places in Nashville- I can’t resist that place.

I bought a “Space Invader” (berry lemonade float) and enjoyed every last drop. Kristen got “The Cub Scout”, which made me smile because it came with a sword in it.

We then proceeded to explore Olan’s new store. I visited this shop last year, right before he shut it down and moved it to a larger venue. This new location is great! The parking situation is much better, there is more seating, more merch, more free arcade games, and even a gaming loft upstairs- complete with a TV and a mini NES system.

Of course, I simply can’t be in Nashville and NOT buy one of the shirts. Typically I don’t splurge for brand-new clothes because they are kind of spendy, but I always make an exception for Olan Roger’s stuff. The shirts are super soft and have great designs, but the biggest reason I don’t feel guilty spending for his stuff is because he’s a young entrepreneur who I hold a lot of respect towards. This guy has worked MAJORLY hard to get what he has going and has had such an amazing outlook, work ethic, and integrity through it. I really admire and want to support that.

Plus, he currently has a shirt that says “Adventure Til Death”. So perfect for me, right?

We enjoyed the wall of signatures (and found where the owner himself signed!)

And also discovered just how awkward it is to play Super Mario Bros with a joystick when we’d been used to console controllers all of our lives.

All around, it was a really enjoyable, relaxed day! Tomorrow, all the excitement begins as oodles of our friends from across the country begin to show up for BlimeyCon.

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