Monday, August 7, 2017

Day 6: Franklin

Today started off a lot more chill than the past days have. Kristen decided last night that we could both stand to sleep in a bit, so she put up the black-out curtains. What surprised me was when she nudged my air mattress and told me it was 11:30 in the morning. Whoah. I mean, I knew I would probably sleep hardcore, but it’s truly unusual for me to go past 9:30. Guess I needed it!

After finally getting out of bed, we enjoyed a bacon and eggs brunch and headed off to a nearby town called Franklin, in which exists a small business hub called The Factory. She has been excited to show me this place for a while, due to it’s somewhat steam-punky-y atmosphere (in case you don’t know, I am a huge fan of that style). On the way there, we also saw the top of a castle from the highway (yes, there is a castle in Nashville), and we also passed by a cemetery with a playground right in front of it (I want to go back and photograph that place later on this week if possible. The irony amuses me so much).

The first thing we did was explore a big antique market. I instantly loved The Factory. Any place that has a big antique store automatically scores points with me! During our explorations, we stumbled upon this book and spent probably a solid hour reading it from cover to cover:

I would highly recommend it, if you enjoy photography, comedy, whimsical images, or red sofas.

Not long after we had finished exploring the antique mall and the red couch book, we wandered over to a little juice place, where of all people, we ran into Jeremy Camp! That was fun. Kristen struck up a brief conversation with him- she knows Jeremy and a lot of others in the Christian music industry due to her constant volunteer work with concert merch crews.

After he left, we wandered around The Factory a bit more, then headed home to enjoy a night of pizza, BlimeyCow videos, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding with a couple of Kristen’s local friends. Way fun!

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