Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 5: Murfreesboro/Nashville

After the past several days of not going to bed until the wee hours of the morning, waking up at 7:00am just wasn’t happening for me. But alas, Kristen had to be up semi-early to run the cameras at church this morning. Lucky for me, her church isn’t too far off, so she agreed to come pick me up in time for a later service.

Upon getting to New Vision, her church here in Murfreesboro, I was surprised at just how massive it is. I mean, when she told me that she is part of the camera crew and there are three services, I anticipated it being pretty large, but wow. She says this place gets about 1,500 people every week between the three services, and the same pastor preaches all three. That guy has his work cut out for him for sure!

This was my view for the service:

The service style was a little different than my tiny church in Washington, but it was none the less quite good. We heard a great sermon on the baptism of Jesus, and following that, they had a number of long-time visiting inmates from the local prison who got baptised! That was really neat. Thanks to the presence of the chief of police in their church membership, this place gets to have a very special opportunity for prison ministry.

After church, Kristen and I grabbed lunch and hit up Barnes & Noble- just in case the book that she pre-ordered happened to be on the shelves early. It was not, but I had fun tucking pieces of my Wreck This Journal into the new Wreck This Journal books on the shelves.

Not long after this, we met up with our friend Jer, who is visiting from his small town in New York. While picking him up, we also got to connect with a local buddy and video maker, Kevin McCreary! He thought I was shooting a video, so he waved. Haha.

Jer was starving, so Kristen introduced us to a fun restaurant here in Nashville called Steak & Shake! It has a fun 1950’s vibe (let’s face it, I have a thing for 50’s style restaurants) and super yummy milkshakes. They also misheard my order, and thought my grilled cheese was a grilled chicken… That was really confusing to receive. But they got it all cleared up and our waitress was great!

Since we were clear over on the Nashville end of town, we decided we might as well hit up an old favorite location from my visit last year: Centennial Park! Outside of the Nashville Public Library and Olan Roger’s Soda Parlor, this is one of my absolute favorite places in town. Not only does it have some decent walking paths, it is the home of the replica of the Parthenon! I love it partly because it was featured in one of my favorite movies (Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief), but also because it is just so blasted photogenic. I could take pictures of this place for hours.

Our timing was impeccable. On the way there, it was a MASSIVE downpour. We got to the park, and the weather was perfect (albeit super humid. My hair was crazy!). After leaving the park, it rained off and on all the way back to Murfreesboro. It was totally meant to be. What a perfect first day in the Nash/Boro area!

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