Saturday, August 5, 2017

Day 4: Atlanta

I knew waking up for the hike would be hopeless. A few of the friends in the hotel room I crashed in woke up to go, but I was far too exhausted to join. How can they go to bed at 4am and be up for hiking by 9:45 the next morning? I don't get it. I fell back asleep until 1:30.

Upon waking up, I took a walk alone around the hotel, as I couldn't find any of my Praxis mates right off. The pool room here is gorgeous, though! Such a lovely place to explore.

Eventually I found a few of my mates up on the 3rd floor, in a cafe. I had a lovely time chatting with a couple of them about travel (one of the people is the co-host of The World Wanderers podcast and blog. She recently let me guest post over there. You should check it out).

I am forever thankful that I got myself a decent cell phone before this trip. Due to my new tech, I was able to find another group of friends up on the 4th floor.

They were all chilling in a hotel room- but not like the crazy lot from the night before (I was informed at some point one of the tall guys started jumping around and punctured the ceiling with his head!). This crew was much smaller, and we all had a fun time chatting, plotting business ideas, and watching a hilarious bank heist movie.

My friend Adam and I discovered we were the oldest people in the room, and thus took great pleasure in educating the “young ones” about technology such as floppy discs, dial-up internet, and life before smartphones.

Also, somehow a weird joke emerged which resulted in this awkward “family photo” of Adam, Anthony, and Santi.

After exchanging brilliant business ideas and many, many laughs, Adam and I had to hit the road for Nashville. It was hard to leave everyone behind. Even though we had only spent two and a half days together, I became incredibly fond of a number of the people in this group.

For the next three hours, Adam and I had fun swapping stories, audio books, podcasts, and music with each other. It turns out we like some of the same relatively little known groups, which made him quite ecstatic. So fun!

My evening concluded in Murfreesboro (which I promptly discovered is NOT spelled “Murpheesboro”) at my friend Kristen’s house where I will spend the next several days. I already miss my Praxians, but I am so excited to see Kristen and am looking forward to spending time with the BlimeyCow crew and all of the friends who I will share a house with later this week.

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