Thursday, August 3, 2017

Day 1: Atlanta

Over the next 15 days I will be on the move! This is the first of my daily updates from the road (and air!). I am kicking my travels off with a two hour drive to Spokane, then roughly 6.5 hours of flight to Atlanta, GA for Praxis Weekend. Following that, I will spend about a week and a half in Nashville, TN. Stay tuned for photos, updates, and possibly even an article or two along the way!

8:00am- On the road with my parents. They are dropping me off at the Spokane International Airport. First time flying out of that one! Typically my adventures begin somewhere small, such as Lewiston or Walls Walls. So this will be new. Also, this is the longest trip I will have taken so far- a total of 15 days. I guess the theme of this trip is “go big or go home”!

8:55am- My mind is weird. I saw some farm equipment plowing a field and saw all the wheat shooting out the back… it kind of looked like it was having projectile diarrhea o_O

11:34am- The Spokane airport is really chill. Also, the only airport I've flown from that has big wooden rocking chairs in the terminal waiting area. Interesting. My flight is delayed by about 20 minutes, so I will be hanging here for a couple hours yet.

In the meantime, let me give a friendly reminder… remove your shoes, jacket, and phone before the security check. I forgot, so they patted my butt. Heh oh well. It wasn't one of those weird invasive checks that everyone complains about, so whatever.

1:28pm- After a bit of a delay, we are finally boarding! Good gravy. I forgot how small the regional flights are. I am continually grateful that I am a skinny 5’2 girl.

1:47pm- There is something incredibly cool about realizing that you are traveling faster than any human being could dream of back 100 years ago. People just don't think about it often anymore, as flight is so commonplace. But seriously, stop and appreciate it sometimes. It is truly spectacular how far humanity has come, and we just keep moving forward.

2:31pm- I am sitting right over the landing gear. That feels freaky. But kinda interesting.

3:52pm- Wow. My plane to Georgia is fancy. I thought only first class got video screens! First time I’ve been on one like this.

3:56pm- Oh my goodness. The movies are FREE?! This is super cool. Going to check out the new Beauty & The Beast.

6:02pm- I've been in this plane for three hours (2 of which we have actually been flying)... I am ready for it to be done. The most substantial things I've had to eat all day are a bowl of oatmeal and a cliff bar and a protein drink. Really feeling this lack of food. And all the sitting. And all the recirculated stale air. And no daylight… like seriously. Everybody on the plane has their windows shut. It's so freaking dark in here. Remind me not to ever fly over seas… if I feel this antsy for 5 hours in a plane to be over, I can't imagine how awful a 12+ hour flight would feel.

6:40pm- Wheeee! Turbulence! Is it weird that I like it? It makes the flight more interesting. It also makes it feel more like a car trip, and I love car trips. I just wish we weren't told to sit down because I just drank a bunch of apple juice, coffee, and water and now I really have to pee…

6:48pm- Well, it must be ok to get up again because I saw other people coming back from the bathroom, so I went for it! That was trippy. I am not usually one for bathroom selfies, but this place felt mysterious and space-agey… the sudden jolt of light turbulence added to the effect, however I think it mostly felt that way because of all the blue light.

6:53pm- You know what's great? Being small enough to sit criss-cross in airplane seats.

7:16pm- You can learn a lot about yourself while traveling. I have cemented the fact that I don't hold still well and need a hearty amount of daylight. If I was young enough to somewhat get away with it, I would be running down the aisles, sprawled out on the floor, or maybe hanging upside down out of my seat. Oh, and definitely opening the windows… although I just glanced at the one someone has open just a sliver and can now see that it is dark out. That's sad. Guess that means I am probably over a time zone where it isn't actually in the 7pm range. On the upside, I think I will get to leave the plane in close to an hour. I swear, I am a hyperactive toddler inside.

11:55pm- It's so weird being in such a huge airport (the world’s largest, I am told) and experiencing so much quiet.

12:37am- Wow. This apartment is even classier than I expected. And what a view! My roomies seem cool too. Yay! Worth the long day of travel.

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  1. Enjoyed reading your first day. Hope you can keep posting! By the way, spell correction got you a few times. Might want to proof it when you have time. Mom