Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Nashville Trip: Day 7

12:00pm- It's been a lazy day so far. I think we're all pretty tired from the week's events, so most of us slept in a ton, myself included.

12:30pm- Matt conducted some mad science in the kitchen!

2:00pm- Jordan got super excited about the hand soap at our rental house… Now Everyone has to smell our soda scented soap.

3:09pm- Guitar hero at our house with Josh and Jordan and a bunch of the crew :)

3:30pm- Joanna and Jordan are really killing it on those fake guitars! They amaze me.

3:37pm- Setting up for a round of King of Tokyo with Josh and Victory and some of the others!

4:57pm- Did the design for “BlimeyBear’s” shirt.

5:16pm- Spock and I have been talking since February that we needed to have a duel this summer. We are finally fulfilling that, and I managed to rope Matt into taking photos of us going at it. I just hope I survive… haven’t felt super amazing today and thus am running on very little food.

5:30pm- We tied in our duel. I won the first round and he won the second. I want to do a tiebreaker round, but I fizzled out completely due to lack of energy. Blah. I hope we have time to go at it again before we have to part ways. Meanwhile, I shall just lay in the grass. I think the guys are mildly concerned.

5:33pm- I am really loving Jer’s massive stash of Otterpops right now. Great energy boost when I am having a low! Thanks, Jer :)

5:47pm- Jordan is helping Joanna keep cool and look like a real rock star.

6:08pm- We all love teddybears in this house. Blue is great too.

8:17pm- Said goodbye to Josh and Jordan for the night, as well as Victory and Susan. What a great time! Was nice to have a relaxed day at home after all the adventures out and about from the past several days.

9:30pm- I’ve been here for an hour. Like this. Spock completely crashed. I feel kinda bad waking him up, but I am ready to stretch...

9:36- Went outside and noticed that Joanna and the others had found this little frog. How cute! I’m gonna play with him now :)

9:49pm- Such a pretty night for a moonlight swim! I don’t really feel up for swimming, but I found a lovely spot on top of the brick wall to watch them and watch the sky. There is a gorgeous bright moon and I keep seeing shooting stars. How fun!

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