Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Nashville Trip: Day 6

9:02am- Still so tired… Most of my housemates are up though. Haha I was just told by Joanna that I need to get up because Spock wants me to come eat waffles with him.

9:15am- Josh just swung by to grab Abbie, who is flying back to Canada today. We will miss her! Lots and lots of hugs going around.

10:30- So much packing and tidying up to do! We’ve been working on it for a while and are fairly well done though. I wonder what we will do with the overlap time between when we have to move out of this rental and into the next?

10:40- We found a pair of sandals. Everyone looked at them, tried them on, and decided they were not theirs. Must be Abbie’s! Whoops.

10:57- It has been decided: we are off to The Soda Parlor! A few of the housemates haven't been there yet. I am excited that I get the pleasure of going twice :)

11:20am- Chilling with my “little bro” :)

11:21am - We had a brilliant addition to our game of Mafia: before the narrator tells the story of how someone died, they have to pick a red card and a green card from the Apples to Apples deck and somehow include those words in their tale. It was so hilarious!

11:49am- I played my first ever old-school arcade game! The only other time in my life I've done an arcade game was when I played Dance Dance Revolution, probably 8 or 9 years ago.

12:03pm- I was going to take a photo of myself and Matt, but then Joanna and Nathan photo-bombed and made it even better! :)

12:05pm- Matt told me he doesn't know what to expect his face to look like in photos, so I got out my iPod and we made faces at it.

12:20pm- Our friends Victory and Susan showed up and hung out with us at the Soda Parlor for a little, then we decided to explore a little around the other shops in the big brick building we were in. This is the Garage Coffee Company. I never would have dreamed up an automotive themed coffee shop!

12:21pm- This table in the coffee shop is pretty cool! Creative minds set this place up. Also, their lemon loaves are amazing.

12:30pm- We discovered a little store called Island Cowgirl Jewelry. Such a neat place! I just want to buy everything in this store. It’s all adorable.
12:55pm- Victory and I made the discovery that we qualify as interesting people :) Yay!

1:00 pm- We found a clever Nashville shirt in another shop!

2:15pm- Driving with a Canadian looks very dramatic. I think I’ll have to send this photo to my mom later and see if she freaks out and doesn’t notice that we are driving in kilometers. Haha. Now, onward to our next rental house!

3:00pm- Our new rental house is definitely smaller than the last, but it is lovely! I’ll have to get a photo of it sometime later when we aren’t so busy unpacking.

4:11pm- We have a pool here, so of course we are going to use it! I knew I wouldn’t regret choosing us a house that offers swimming. I love how excited everyone is about it.

5:23pm- What a time we had in the pool! Somebody had the crazy idea of having me and Joanna get on the guys’ shoulders and try to see who can wrestle the other team over with a pool noodle first. Haha we only did a couple rounds. It was exhausting and exciting! Close match, but I got pushed off my teammate first.

6:15pm- And we are back at the Opry Mills Mall! A bunch of my housemates and a few of the crew who remained in town all wanted to see the new Star Trek movie. Spock and I have already seen it, however, so we went to dinner at Johnny Rocket’s.

6:30pm- We are the kind of crazies who will dramatically rock out and sing along with the songs on the radio. Ahh, fun times!

6:51pm- Turns out our friend Caleb has already seen Star Trek as well, so now we are a trio- though soon there will be five of us, once Victory and Susan meet up with us.

Gordon Jabe creation.png

8:40pm- We found an odd stand in the mall where this guy will print a photo of a person’s face onto a plastic 3D plastic piece and insert it into a small plush toy so that the toy has the face of you or your friend or relative (or enemy?). It’s super weird! We laughed and passed it at first, but Victory wondered if they had one that was a cow, and upon running back, it turns out they do. So guess what? We’re putting Jordan’s face on a cow plushie. Oh my goodness!

9:00pm- The Jordan cow plushie is… wow… creepy. We didn’t have a good shot of Jordan on hand, so we used the above face-swap of Jordan and our friend Gabe. Below is the result…

9:00pm- Yeahhhhh. Hahaha. It’s gonna be fun to give this crazy thing to Jordan.

9:03pm- Waiting for the movie to let out so that we can show our “Gordon Jabe” cow to the other half of the group.

9:10pm- That cow was kind of expensive for what it is, but man… the reaction from everyone is SO worth it.

9:11pm- “WHY IS HE SO ATTRACTIVE!?” - Joanna, as she gazes upon Gordon Jabe.


  1. He's so attractive because he has the beauty of Jordan and me combined!

  2. He's so attractive because he has the beauty of Jordan and me combined!

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