Sunday, August 7, 2016

Nashville Trip: Day 4

9:20am- me: “Jer was getting my build-a-bear out of the car while I buried you in couch pillows… We are super mature here.”

9:30am- Having a disco light party to The Lego Movie Soundtrack! This is how Christian twentysomethings roll.

9:45am- I have to applaud two of my housemates. Gabe and Nathan definitely know how to look spiffy!

10:45am- Jer: “My ex girlfriend couldn't convince me to get an Instagram, but I will for this plush dragon. That's how special it is. And to be fair, he is cuter than my ex.” Everyone: “OOOOOHHHHHHH, BURN!!!!”

10:56am- Jer: “We should all go back into Starbucks and sing veggie tales!” Me: “What a way to get kicked out of Starbucks.”

11:30am- Filming videos with Doctor Bear and Toothless. Haha. Don't mind us- we are just a bunch of overgrown children.

11:40am- Matt and Spock performed “Lullaby For Mr. Bear” by The Doubleclicks.

11:45am- Several housemates are leaving today, so we had to be sure and get a group photo of everyone who has been here this weekend! I love this crew.

12:15pm- Heading over to Jordan and his parent’s house for lunch and more visiting with the big group. It’s going to be so funny walking in and recognizing the place from their old “Brother Brother Time” series.


12:30pm- Sensing a real theme today with stuffed animals. It’s continually amazing how many of us bring Build-A-Bear plushies around town with us. This is Matt, me, and Lily at the Taylor’s house.

12:45pm- At the group events that take place at houses, Josh always has this playlist of Relient K going. It’s fantastic. What makes it even better is that so many of us know the songs! Victory, Tim, and I just stood around next to the speaker singing “Be My Escape” together.

1:30pm- So many great conversations to be had. I've had a blast discussing anthropology with these two guys this afternoon. To the left is Samuel and the right is Chris. Two of my favorite people that I just got to meet this weekend!

2:30pm- If someone had told me a couple years ago that I would be standing in the Taylor brother’s childhood home discussing Adventures in Odyssey with Kevin McCreary, I probably would have laughed at them. But guess what? Here we are. Also, Jer is photobombing.

3:00pm- The Taylor’s rope swing is really fun. Although I heard it broke earlier… That makes me mildly nervous.

4:30pm- Been having a fabulous conversation outside with Chris Seekel. It's so cool meeting people here and hearing of their adventures. This dude has gone on two cross country road trips in the past year! Wow! I've totally enjoyed hearing his stories. He also runs the Star Wars Underground podcast.

8:30pm- Jordan is crazy amazing at using that rope swing. It's like watching Tarzan!

9:10pm- Now that it is dark, Caleb decided he wanted to teach us all how to play with fire properly.

9:20pm- A couple of others have done it, now Caleb is trying to convince me to try fire twirling. I hope I don't mess up and catch myself on fire or something :-o

9:30pm- So, I did it. And I did not catch myself or the lawn on fire. Fantastic! Thanks to Chris Seekel for getting this photo of me being a fire twirler.

9:40pm- Now that Caleb is out of supplies to do his pyro-acrobatics, Jordan’s dad is getting a bonfire and s’mores stuff set up for the remaining few at this party (Mostly just my housemates and a couple others left). So fun to be able to have bonfires, since where I came from there is a burn ban that will last until well into October.

11:00pm- Earliest bedtime we’ve had all weekend! We left the Taylor’s house close to 10. Came home and I began packing up most of my things, because tomorrow we will spend the entire day at the Dollywood Theme Park and then Tuesday morning we have to clean up the house and move to our smaller rental, because half the housemates will be going home and our time will be up at this Air BNB. Time passes strangely here. It feels like it's speeding by, yet at the same time it's almost like we have all lived here with each other forever.

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