Friday, August 5, 2016

Nashville Trip: Day 2

11:50am- Nice relaxed morning with my housemates. Having a Messy Monday's marathon!

12:15pm- Something I never expected to have happen: I am watching Messy Monday's and Josh Taylor (the writer and one of the shows actors) walks through my front door unannounced… That was surreal. And really really fun. Our whole group had a blast joking around with him and planning out what we are doing this weekend.

1:00pm- As stated in an earlier post, my new uke gets to travel with me places. Today she met another uke in Nashville! I think the humidity is making her act a little dumb though, because tuning has been a nightmare :P

2:15pm- 12 of us all packed up and ran to Chick-Fil-A because we were hungry and had to educate our Canadian friends. Yum!

2:45pm- In a van with myself and six guys, driving through a downpour, when suddenly we all begin singing “Call Me Maybe”... Hahahaha

3:59pm- Two seconds in the rain and we are all drenched! They get quite the storms in Nashville. Wow.

4:00pm- “Why can't rain be dry?!” - Jeremiah

5:16pm- $193.05 for our first big grocery run. It's slightly chaotic letting 7 people with two carts and no list run through Walmart. But hey, it looks like we will have enough to keep us going for a while!

5:30pm- On our way to the Taylors house for the first event of BlimeyCow weekend! A bit wet for a bonfire though, so I am not entirely sure what we are doing over there. Guess we shall soon find out!

5:44pm- Apparently I am seen as a trustworthy person. Matt is letting me carry his prized build-a-bear all over the place and Nathan handed over nearly $1,000 worth of camera equipment and told me to have fun learning how to use it :-o

6:00pm- On the way to the first official “BlimeyCon” event, a big party at Josh & Kelli Taylor’s house! So looking forward to this!

6:20pm- We found BHK!

6:45pm- Matt (the director of The Cowmoonity Fancast) and I enjoyed hanging out in the podcast studio.

7:00pm- Found the Big Head Kid glasses sitting around near the Taylors video studio... Decided to wear them until they became needed again, haha. Then I ran upstairs to get something and nearly ran face first into Jordan...ended up taking one of my favorite photos of the weekend so far :)

7:30pm- We got to film clips for later use in Messy Mondays! I look forward to seeing what Josh does with them.

8:30pm- Playing BlimeyCow trivia, hosted by Josh. My team tied for first! Yay! We won shirts and stickers and posters. Way cool!

9:30pm- It is truly amazing how many people the Taylors can fit in their house, and they are all fantastic <3

12:00pm- Officially the party ended at 11, but my little crew and I ended up outlasting everyone and leaving at midnight (haha thanks, Taylors). What a great time! Jordan and I chatted about photography and creative stuff, Josh was slightly surprised I listen to Linkin Park music, and Kelli, Sarah, and I took a photo together (because we were the shortest adults in the house). It has been an epic day. Also learned that my hair will go crazy with humidity. How do girls in this region not look like a mess all the time? I must learn their secret.

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