Thursday, August 4, 2016

Nashville Trip: Day 1

4:00am- Who needs an alarm when you have grandma to walk in at 4:00am to ask if you're getting up? Haha oh well. She wasn’t too far off :)

5:00am- Walla Walla regional airport! I love that almost all my flights begin here. It's so tiny and security is so pleasant. One terminal, one gate. Oh, and the lady who checked my ticket today looks JUST LIKE Ashley Tisdale from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Cool. The only uncool part was when I asked if I had to check my bag, and after they took it away they THEN told me it could have been a carry on. Wonderful. So I am going to be terrified all day that I won't get my stuff back. Hopefully everything will be ok. Glad my DSLR and ukulele are in my backpack!

5:51am- Waiting in the little prop jet to fly. HOW IS THIS TRIP ALREADY HAPPENING?! I have been planning it for almost a year now. It's so surreal that it's right in front of me finally.

5:53am- The man next to me keeps looking at flashcards with some foreign language on them. I wonder where he is going?

6:02am- The thought just occurred to me that this plane has no first class. Guess we are all equals here.

6:07am- Well. I was momentarily frightened. I misheard the pilot and thought he said we were delayed because the Seattle airport has a shooter. Not sure what he actually said, but it wasn't that. I don't think. Otherwise I would expect everyone else would look more concerned and we would have more than an 8 minute delay.

6:15am- OH MY GOSH THIS THING IS PREPPING TO TAKE OFF. IT’S ALMOST MY FAVORITE PART! I love the feeling when you first start to gain altitude :)

6:30am- The man next to me was studying airport names and acronyms. He is going to work for Horizon. That was one of the most fun flights I've ever taken without a friend. He was a lot of fun to talk to!

7:00am- Hello, Seattle!

7:55am- Me: “The Starbucks line is like an amusement park.” Mom texts back: “In length or amusement?”

8:00am- I enjoy taking the airport train :)

8:10am- Found my travel buddy. We are gonna have fun!

9:22am- Boarding for Nashville! YAY!

9:37am- Flight delayed 30 min due to a bald tire… Blah. But oh well, I have my buddy Spock next to me. We are the weird duo on the plane who are wildly lip syncing to songs that no one else can hear. The money I spent on a headphone splitter cable is already worth it!

10:16am- We are… Moving? Maybe? We keep starting and then we stop. But now Spock and I have the Phil Vischer Podcast to share, so nobody is bored!

10:30am- We are finally in the sky! Hooray! :)

3:45pm- Made it to Nashville! There is live music at the airport. I love this place already.

4:00pm- Went outside for the first time… It feels like when I first get out of the shower. Welcome to the south?

4:10pm- Swung by the Air BNB house and christened it by loudly singing BlimeyCow’s “5-Minute Worship Song” in the living room with two of our other friends, Kristen and Caleb.

4:20pm- We just drove past Gibson Guitar HQ… Cool!

4:23-Caleb: “Can you make an inspirational speech using the word platypus?” Darias “I grew up in a black church where anything can be an inspirational speech if said with enough gusto.”

9:45pm- I saw my first firefly! I have wanted to see fireflies for YEARS. It was neat! I hope I see lots more.

10:00pm- It doesn't dry out here… It rained over an hour ago and water is still falling from the trees. Weird. I am a desert girl! But despite the hear and humidity, we had a lovely bonfire. It's so cool that even though I am meeting these folks in person for the first time, it isn't at all weird. It's like we have all been friends for years! Such a wonderful crew to spend my week with <3

2:04am- I was ready to crash between 8 and 10 tonight, but then after midnight I got my second wind. Oh dear! But I had a lovely time eating chocolate chip waffles with one friend and then getting to geek out about cameras with another. Now I should sleep, but half of them are playing guitar hero in the living room… Downside to roomies. Aw well. None the less, it's been and continues to be an amazing first day in Nashville! Good night everyone :)

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