Saturday, August 6, 2016

Nashville Trip: Day 3

10:00am- Time to start the day with a good breakfast... Nathan: “I brought food. This is yogurt with fresh fruit and this is… Not yogurt. Um. Yeah. Uh, it's a muffin with a bite out of it."

11:18am- Nothing like kicking off the day by watching Veggie Tales movie reviews with the guys! SO hilarious. We are such classic home school crazies :)

11:30am- On our way to downtown Nashville to explore the Opryland Hotel and mall! Exciting!

11:49am- Jer: “What IS off-white, anyway?” Gabe: “Off-white is like white with an even layer of dirt rubbed over it.”

11:54am- Gabe: “The Bass Pro Shop is like Disneyland for hunters.”


12:00pm- There is a merry go round in the mall! It's pretty expensive, so we won't ride it though.

12:15pm- Hanging out with Jordan when he got recognized by random other fans at the mall- who turned out to be from my state! How cool!

12:33pm- Abbie: “I haven't seen a penny in years! Canada basically got rid of them.”

1:30pm- Jer: “That Lego is actually a normal size, but Sarah is just that small.”

2:00pm- Build-a-Bear with Jordan… Neither of us had ever done it before, and last night we decided that there should be a “Blimey Bear”. So here we are!

2:03pm- We are the only adult customers in this store. Haha.


3:15pm- I don't know what I was expecting, but I was not expecting to see this when I walked through the opening on the other end of the hotel lobby. I stood with my mouth open for a couple seconds, which seemed to amuse Jordan, because he had never been with someone who hadn't seen the Opryland Hotel.

4:00pm- A few of us decided to go to Olan Roger’s Soda Parlor! So excited. This has been on my bucket list ever since the place opened. Yay!

4:30pm- Samuel: “I am secure in my manhood.”... We had to park a block away, and it was raining a little. He got to use the umbrella Joanna left in the van.


4:35pm- I got “The Obi-Wan”. It is so yummy!


4:40pm- Chilling out with a good game of Apples to Apples. Still so thrilled that I am just kicking back in THE SODA PARLOR IN NASHVILLE. Aw yeah!


4:40pm- Another cool thing about this place is the free arcade games. Olan Rogers is pretty much the best business owner ever. Almost anyone else would make it pay to play.

5:00pm- Jordan, Sarah, and the two Chris’s picked me up. We are going to go to Goodwill and buy a shirt for me to customize for BlimeyBear.

5:20pm- We all are such a fantastic bunch of dorks. Everyone here probably wonders why three guys and a girl are standing around shopping for baby clothes with a teddy bear in hand (Sarah Bonham is off looking at shoes, so it’s just me and the guys). We’re laughing so hard.


6:00pm- Time for some dinner at Chipotle, but on the way there Chris Howard is helping Jordan and Sarah shoot some video footage for this Friday’s clip on Jordan’s channel, “Life before and after Pokemon Go”. It’s cool getting to be behind the scenes.

6:25pm- It's so funny hanging out with YouTubers…Chris Seekel and I have been watching Chris Howard attempt to film Jordan and Sarah walk through the door at Chipotle. First they got stuck because they tried to push rather than pull on the door. Then when they got it right, a lady walked out into their shot. Let’s see if the third time’s a charm!


7:30pm- We were going to go dancing at Centennial Park, but the dance got cancelled. On the upside, we all get to play around at The Parthenon instead, which is another place on my bucket list. Makes me want to re-watch the Percy Jackson movie, because this spot was featured in it!


12:08am- After such a big day, I kind of thought we would all crash. Nope! Everybody decided to stay up and play Super Smash Bros. Who am I to turn down a good game of that? This is me in the center- to my left is Matthew Bird (Cowmoonity Fancast producer, Canadian, in general cool outdoorsy dude) and to my right is Zachary Fontes (aka: Spock. My fantastic, crazy "little brother", host of The Cowmoonity Fancast).

1:30am- Spock and I were pretty much having a knock-down-drag-out pillow fight when suddenly he fell asleep. On top of my arm. Wow. Good job, bro. Meanwhile everyone else looks at us strangely as I bury him in couch pillows.

2:15am- Now is the part where I zonk out to the sounds of my friends still playing Smash Bros in the next room over. I can’t stay up any longer. Despite the noise while I’m about to go to sleep, I am loving every minute sharing a house with this bunch. They are totally the best.

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