Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Meet The Uke

Once upon a time, a good friend of mine lent me his ukulele. He told me it wasn't for keeps, and I agreed that was fair enough.

A few weeks and a couple visits to the local music shop later, I adopted my new little companion.

Thus, a new chapter in Adventure of Sair is now born... This fun little uke keeps making it's way into my outings, so I figured it's about time it gets a reoccurring spot on the blog. Perhaps sometime I'll name it so that I'll have a fun way to refer to it on here rather than simply "the uke"  :-)

The photo below is from it's first outing- a spur of the moment drive along Idaho's Clearwater River in June. You will hear more about that trip soon in another post. Stay tuned!

Sarah Iddings might be slightly obsessed with her
new "mini guitar*. Oh well. It's fun.
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Happy trails!

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