Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sair in Seattle #4

March 13 2016
Day 4

Nothing puts you in a good mood like listening to someone practice church hymns on the piano over breakfast :)

Following the Pollock's silver 15-passenger Chevy Express to church. That thing is one in a million... I thought. I was shocked to see an identical one drive by in the other lane.

Pilgrim Bible Church was fantastic. Great sermon, and so many nice people! After the service we enjoyed their weekly potluck and played a game called Seven Wonders with Jonathan and a few of the other guys. So fun!

Aww... The time came. Time to leave. I am going to miss the Pollock clan so much! Not to mention all the new friends I made at the party last night/church this morning. So many great people here!

Driving into the mountains is so fun when you play epic orchestra music from Audiomachine. Seriously, imagine driving through a mountain pass to this:

Crossing Snoqualmie Pass and stopped to tank up. One word: BURR! I have never seen such deep snow in my life. There are snow walls close to 10 feet high in places. Beautiful and breathtaking!

Low hanging clouds over mountain forests are so magical looking.

The daylight savings time change is killing us... So Stephanie and I are going to sing loudly!

Classic Washington state... Rain, sunshine, clouds, and snow all at once. So pretty out in the Cascades, though.

Wow. You definitely know when you are in Eastern Washington. Moments after the pass, suddenly all pine trees are replaced with sagebrush.

There is a sign on the side of the road entering Washtucna: "Food" and right under that, a man and a woman. Well, this town scares me :P

Millions of little red eyes blinking at us in the dark. The windmill armies are creepy at night.


Trying to use a smartphone for both navigation and music simultaneously? Fail. The GPS voice keeps talking over the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. 

Hooray! I can see the good 'ol Snake River of the LC Valley. 8 miles until home! Except I am not going home just yet... Apparently people missed me this weekend and want to have a party? Okay then. I am never one to turn down great friends and some food, even if I am dead tired :)

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