Saturday, March 5, 2016

Stumbling Through Spokane

While my usual excursions take me into the woods, hills, and along riverbanks, 
a couple Mondays ago it was a little different:
This small-town girl hit the city.

(Photo credit: Daniel Parks)

Thanks to my friend Zachary hopping onto the Amtrak for a visit, I found myself in Eastern Washington's largest city: Spokane!

After a few laps around the lovely one-way street system of the city center, my car mates and I landed ourselves in a parking lot nearby The Ruby hotel (we couldn't find the actual hotel parking lot at the time). Not wanting to shell out the $15 that the lot wanted, I told them to stay put in the idling vehicle while I ran half a block to grab Zach from the hotel. Our first meeting turned out a little like the first episode of Doctor Who when Rose met the 9th Doctor: "I'm Sair, now run for your life!" 

Two things can be said of such an encounter: first off, telling your friend to run half a block with you to avoid parking charges really saves you on having to make awkward small talk. Second, it gives people like myself good inspiration for drawing cartoons, as displayed below.

The day was filled with all of the fun you could expect from a foursome of twentysomethings: lots of exploring, a game of frisbee in Riverfront Park, great food, and spontaneous outbursts of singing. 

If you ever find yourself in Spokane, here are a few of our favorite places that you should check out:

This place might not look like much on the outside, but seriously, check it out. We discovered this little gem on a web search for restaurants in Spokane. As soon as I noticed that their online menu labeled milk as "cow juice" and coffee and tea as "cup of mud" and "boiled leaves", I was sold. Granted, the reasonably priced menu caught my eye too, but it was really the personality of the establishment that sold me right off the bat. My friends and I were not disappointed! Great food, great prices, and a nice chill atmosphere. If I'm ever in the area again, I'm going back.

This is an incredibly charming shop. So many fun books! We were on our way to find the car, but found this place instead. Grand times were had. 

Attached to Auntie's Books is Uncle's Games. We had a lovely time in this one! A dramatic game of Loopin' Louie (Star Wars edition), a duel with Mashoongas (we realized we'd better quit when things began to fall off of shelves...oops), and over an hour playing their demo of the card game Munchkin: Nightmare Before Christmas edition. I really do appreciate how nice the man running the place was. If you like games, go give them a visit!

There is just something kind of magical about charging through the park on a sunny day to stand under this clock tower as the noon chimes strike. It's really quite impressive!

It's a giant red wagon! Why on earth would you not want to go check this out?

6.) Spokane Falls (at night!)

Zach had the spur of the moment idea to point at a suspension bridge by Riverfront Park and tell us we should go check it out. Absolutely no regrets. The views from the bridge at night were phenomenal - much nicer in person than my little ipod touch could capture, but I couldn't help but try. Getting to see the full moon rise over the park and city was the perfect way to complete our walking travels.

A perfect day?
Why yes, I do believe it was.

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