Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sair in Seattle #3

March 12 2016
Day 3

Slept in today... Which is great since I got my second wind late last night and was up until 2am messaging friends online.

Nice chill morning with my favorite giant home school family :) The kids fed us pancakes for breakfast. Yum! Everyone is so sweet.

It's so funny being part of a large family for a weekend. It is kind of like an on-going party. Then when everyone goes outside you are slightly shocked by the sudden silence.

Ahh, earl grey tea and listening to Daniel Pollock practice hymns for tomorrow's church service on the piano. I love this <3

On the road again! This time, we don't have to drive; our friend Jonathan is joining us and taking us to the museum of flight. We are all happy to have a driver who is from the city (and in general, happy to get to spend time with him again- it's been 8 months since he moved out of our valley!).

Western WA has an outdoor water park. This truly does not compute for me.

Kicking off our time in the museum of flight with the Red Barn Room. I love all the antique plane parts and factory pieces!

The World War rooms were great. So much history! We all loved that they had little replica old school radios set up where you could hear sound bite name songs from various parts of the 40's. Really added to the feel of the room. Swing music for the win!

Whoaaaa. Just saw the space shuttle. The size of it is amazing! (looks a little warped because I had to take a panorama)

The giant room of airplanes is pretty epic! We also went in the control tower room, which was rather cool. Crazy seeing the read out of how many planes are in the air.

Onward to downtown Seattle to catch a snack at the Hard Rock Cafe! 

Parking is a nightmare. A total nightmare.

I love how Jonathan deals with traffic... "That is not a lane, my dear man."

YAY! We finally found parking!

"This is Seattle, a den of iniquity! "- Jonathan, as he locked up the car. 

We swung by the Hard Rock Cafe for a couple minutes- we told everyone we would be home for dinner, though, so we only had time to glance about and get some cool guitar pick necklaces. We never managed to squeeze in lunch- guess we shall eat well tonight!

On our way out again...Ah, Seattle, how I will miss you. Mostly. I'll miss all the art and architecture and interesting people. Won't miss the super lousy parking options and the dumb drivers.

Whatever freeway we are on is super bumpy. Whoa.

Back with the Pollock's! We are making a playlist for a party they are having later. We just discovered redneck country rap music videos. This is a genre I never knew existed... We are laughing so hard. 

It is so funny, I kept saying living with the Pollocks is like a party. Then the Pollock's threw a party. This has been a fabulous evening with a big house full of super fun people. Great way to spend my last evening in Puyallup!

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