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Sair in Seattle #2

MARCH 11 2016
Day 2

Well, I had the option to sleep in until 8am, but my body decided to assume it was a work day and not let me sleep past 6:30. Aw well. I will just message a few friends online.

Wow, I didn't expect to be served a nice breakfast of eggs, muffins, and sausage this morning. The Pollock's are such nice hosts :)

We were going to leave early for Pike Place, but our friend Jonathan is finally home from his night shift at the hospital- so good to see him after all these months!

Left at 10:15 to go to Pike Place. It's been slow goings. The speed limit has been mainly 60 on freeways, but our average speed was around 45, according to my GPS. Yay...

It is now 11:30. Still trying to get to Pike Place. Also decided that I was not born to be a city girl... If I am ever forced to move to the city, I will be exiled into my own home. These streets are so stinking clogged and stressful! I miss our desolate highways.

11:36 am... HIGH SPEEDS AND EXITS AND ON RAMPS... Oh my! Not sure if I am happy to be moving or terrified at the intensity of it all.

Computerized speed limit signs? Well, that's new.

How do you get graffiti in some of these places without killing yourself? People amaze me.


This place is SO HUGE :-o

Just saw a panhandler begging for coffee. Interesting.

Seattle is even bigger when you are walking! Whoa.

Haunting but beautiful, a navy veteran belting out hymns in an echoey alcove in Pike Place.

Pike Place is so colorful! So many different people, shops, lights, smells, signs, sounds... Ooh! Sensory overload, but in the best of ways.

Found the life size cardboard cutouts at the world famous Golden Age Collection comic book store. Hehehe.  Time to pose next to them and take pictures, like every good geek girl must.

How can I leave this shop without something? Found Doctor Who Jenga on clearance for $10. Fun!

I love this place and all its family owned businesses and artisan shops.  I wish I had time to stop and chat with more of the artists. So many talented people here!

Bought my boyfriend a cool bleach-made Star Wars shirt from an artist. That guy seems really cool! So creative. Steph bought a shirt with a guitar design. The guy told us how he did that one was by drenching a guitar in bleach and laying it across the top of the shirt. Fascinating! Apparently after a while he has to get a different old guitar though, because the bleach eats through it and it breaks apart. It also rusts his metal stamps nearly instantly if the metal isn't treated.

Ooh! Flowers, fish, and fruits! I love the open air part of the market. It's so bright and exhilarating! I just wish it wasn't shoulder to shoulder people. Far too crowded for my taste, but still, really, really neat.

I just can't get enough of the street musicians. I wish there were more of them in small-town WashIdaho. Randomly stumbling upon music makes me smile :)

Ate lunch at the Sound View Cafe. Granted there wasn't a huge view, since the Seattle sky decided to empty buckets of water upon us. But lunch totally made up for that- this place has the best clam chowder EVER! It's a lovely little family run restaurant that makes all its food from scratch. The prices are very reasonable too, I think. Swing by if you are ever in the area!

Bummed out... It's time to go (and we've only spent a couple hours!), but Steph says with traffic and such, we would be better off leaving for the Tim Hawkins comedy show sooner rather than later.

So, it turns out that there are a BUNCH of parking lots named U-Park around here. That is dandy. Our GPS sent us to the wrong one; now we are so off track that we can't find the proper lot (and our car) to save our lives.

There are so many homeless people under the bridges. Wow. Interestingly, it's always men.

Guy walking ahead of us: "Man, this place is nothing like LA. I walked around there all the time. This is overwhelming."

We may be totally lost, but we found the Seattle library by accident! Decided to stop in for a break and to ask for help. Getting lost was the best mistake ever. I have had this place on my bucket list of stops for 6 years. It is SO amazing! I am one happy book nerd right now :)

This place has eleven floors. ELEVEN!  One of the most awe-inspiring buildings I have ever entered.

Took the escalator (a library with an escalator! Ah!) then elevator to the 10th floor (staff only on 11). Going to take the stairs back so that I can see a little bit of everywhere. Also, the eggs with holographic human faces that speak to you on your way up are super creepy. Why do these exist?

This library is so big that I got lost in it. Lost in a library! YES! I may sound like a dork, but this is a dream come true. I've always wanted to be in a book establishment large enough to lose my way in.

Found my way back to the main floor. Now it's time to pound the pavement again in search of the car.

So, we haven't found the car yet, but we found a protest. Absolutely no idea what they are protesting or who they are, however. It's all in another language and I don't recognize the flag.

Buses here look like huge green caterpillars. I never ever want to drive a bus, especially in Seattle.

I have never been more happy to see an iPhone billboard in my life. It was the one landmark we recognized that helped us get to the car! It took 2 hours (including our 20 min detour in the library). So many hills... I normally only count wilderness, but this truly feels worthy of being added to my hiking log. 

That smile of familiarity upon seeing a blooming dogwood tree in the middle of the city. Just like what my next door neighbors have back home!

We had 15 miles to cover to get to the show... In the amount of time it has taken us so far, were we in the valley we came from, we could have made it to the destination probably 3 or 4 times over. So far, we have 25 minutes left. Woohoo. City life. People do this why...?

We cheer so enthusiastically when we realize we are not in a toll lane, as we had feared. Is it pathetic that we are so psyched to save 75 cents?

Appropriate sign placement at the church where Tim Hawkins is performing: "Only Jesus can give new life!" Followed by "Speed bumps ahead."

YAY! We made it into the Tim Hawkins show with half an hour to spare, even after wandering through downtown Seattle for 2 hours trying to find the car.

"I do eat clean- had a pan of brownies in the shower last week." - Tim Hawkins

Ahh, good time to sit down and just laugh for about two and a half hours. Tim Hawkins and Taylor Tomlinson were absolutely fantastic. Also, I got to high five Tim while he did a crazy harmonica solo! Our seats were brilliantly located to catch the action. What a fun night!

I never knew it could take half an hour to exit a parking lot. Now I do. You learn something new every day :P

WE ESCAPED THE PARKING LOT! Ahh the excitements of life. Turns out almost everyone failed to read the "exit this way" sign and were all bottlenecked attempting to exit through the entry. Brilliant. Once again, gotta love big city drivers.

What's the difference between the east and west sides of Washington state? First off, one is a sunny desert and the other is a land of pine trees and rain storms. The other difference is that on the east side, a 60mph speed limit means 65-70. On the west side, it means 25-45. You have been warned.

11:30pm... The people don't sleep in this region. But I sure do feel like I need some. 10 minutes until we get back to the Pollock's house for the night. So ready.

Finally here. I could collapse. But all things considered, today has been pretty amazing!

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