Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sair in Seattle #1

Currently I am on a road trip to Seattle, WA with my friend Stephanie.
Exciting stuff! 
This is the first post of my on-going literary snapshot journal of the excursion. Have fun exploring culture shock with me!

MARCH 10 2016
Day 1

Stumbling around the dark house at 4:45am. Trying not to wake up Anne (Steph's roommate). Been a while since I've had to be up before sunrise.

40 minutes into the drive and I realize I forgot the cameras. Nooo!

Stephanie is the best travel mate EVER. We went back for the cameras <3 Good thing, too, because she realized she forgot the Tim Hawkins tickets. Whoops. I feel substantially less guilty about begging her to go back now.

Golden sun rays in Hell's Canyon at 6:30am as we get back into the valley to collect our forgotten goods

Back on the road again, rocking out to "Pressing On" by Relient K. This seems fitting

Made it to Multnomah Falls- it is breathtaking. So excited to hike to the top! Can finally check that off the bucket list.


Rumbling thunderous waterfall...AMAZING. 

God's mercy is shown today in giving us perfect weather for the duration of our Multnomah falls hike. It didn't start pouring until we got back to the bridge! 

Even in pouring rain, my photographer instincts kick in... Told Steph she could leave me and go get dry in the gift shop. I got soaked but took some good pictures and enjoyed the waterfall a little longer. No regrets!

The skeletal beginnings of a new on-ramp at the edge of Washington are fascinating.

City drivers (especially women) seem to be jerks.

"Don't count the miles; count the I love you's." - Christina Perry song playing.

An hour and a half outside Puyallup we saw a giant metal naked redneck Despicable Me minion alongside the freeway... What?! 

You know you are in western WA when the "food on next right" sign shows you Starbuck's.

Finally within 25 miles of our destination... And the traffic makes us drive at a snail's pace. Nooo! Small town people don't do traffic :( can we magically make a desolate country highway appear so that we can zip around this mess?

At the Pollock's house! YAY!

They made us a delicious pork chop dinner. All 10 of us ate together and then played a game of Wits & Wagers, which I unexpectedly won because on the last round I threw half my money on the board.

Being part of a big family is interesting; it reminds me of the parties I host, except nobody goes home. I look forward to seeing my favorite bunch of blondes & redheads tomorrow morning at breakfast :)

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