Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Best Winter Shirt You'll Find

A good friend of mine was bragging up a shirt she got for Christmas: the 32 Degree Heat women's long sleeve scoop neck. It began with the typical compliments good clothes get; "It's soft", "It's stretchy", "It's warm", "You can layer it with so many things"... but what really captured me on this one?

"It's moisture wicking."

Fine. I have to admit it for this article: I can be a sweaty waterfall from time to time. Cringe with me.

So, that in mind, I was instantly curious about this article of clothing. I have a lot of fantastic shirts of that type for the summer time, but I had yet to get one I could use in the cold months. I went ahead and picked it up to see if it was all my friend had said it was.

24 hours later, 
I bought one in every color I could get.

Typically I am a total cheapskate, but this shirt is just that good.

It's everything I was told it would be, and more: soft, warm, comfortable, stretchy, figure-flattering, and best of all, it dries super fast. Plus, even though I was told it is meant to be a base layer, it looks nice enough to wear it by itself with jewelry. Five stars and two thumbs up from me!

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PS: These come in men's sizes and styles too.
 Check it out, dudes:

Buy the Men's 32 Degrees Heat Long Sleeve Crew Neck

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