Tuesday, February 2, 2016

An Unexpected Journey

Most of my greatest adventures happen outside...

... But not all.

This adventure began roughly two and a half years ago. On the internet. It began when a good friend of mine showed me the video below:

The guitarist is Jordan Taylor, better known as the host of the weekly Youtube show, Messy Mondays, from the channel Blimey Cow. I was rather blown away; I was used to seeing him as a sarcastic host and actor in skits. I instantly fell in love with this song, and soon after was thrilled to find that he was starting up a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to record a full length album.

Immediately, I tossed some money in the fund. 

In the end, he got $11,598 donated when the goal was $5,000.

And then, the waiting game happened. Every month I would get an email update on what was happening. Sometimes it would be a lot (photos and even in studio video at one point!) and sometimes it would be a little (Jordan got slammed with finals before graduating college, which slowed stuff up a bit).

Along the way, I always left comments on the updates. One day, out of the blue, I log onto Facebook and find I have a friend request from Jordan. WHAT?! I immediately click "accept". In the end, I got to preview the lyrics he wrote to the revamped version of the song above, he asked for input about the title, and we chatted a bit before we had to get offline. 

And that's when it all started, really.

It sounds silly, but until that point, Jordan (and his co-stars on Blimey Cow- Josh and Kelli) were fun to watch online, yet were almost thought more of as these nebulous invisible video makers. People who looked like they could be a ton of fun to know, yet were far enough away to almost seem imaginary. But suddenly the wall was broken. I had a conversation, and it reminded me that yeah, these guys actually do exist. Not long after, I jumped onto Patreon.com and started sending the trio a few bucks a month to support the great work they do.

It seemed so basic. I set aside a small amount of money for them each month, get to have fun with an exclusive podcast and interact with my favorite creators and toss around video ideas...

...But it turned into so much more.

Long story short, not only did I get to know them because I chose to help them out, I also got to know a lot of the other people who support Jordan and the Blimey Cow trio too. We'll video call one another apart from the monthly live chats that the Taylors do with us, and we have a continuous stream of messages going. If one of us happens to be near the town of another, we always meet up if at all possible. And it all started because we wanted to help someone else.

Today marks the day that Jordan's Kickstarter is officially over for me- two and a half years after the project's start, I got the hard copy of his album, Long Drive in the mail. When it began, I just thought it would be cool to help the host of my favorite web series and get myself a signed CD while I'm at it... 

...And it is cool to have a signed CD- but it's not just special for that. It's special because it's what started it all. Getting to know my favorite Youtube creators, making a boatload of fantastic new friends, great conversations, starting creative projects together, playing games, joining video chats, and plotting how we are going to meet up in person sometime. It's almost like summer camp all over again.

It just goes to show,
you never know what will happen when you help someone out.

The album was aptly named Long Drive. It was a long drive for Jordan to create it, and it has set me off on a journey I never anticipated happening with a lot of fantastic people I never imagined meeting.

When Sarah Iddings isn't outside, she loves 
doing web chats and Google Hangouts with all the friends
she has made because of Jordan & Blimey Cow.
She also enjoys writing and social media-
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She can be contacted at sarah@adventureofsair.com

Happy trails!

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