Sunday, January 17, 2016

Falling from the Ski Lift

Were it not for photo evidence and memories, I might wonder if someone kidnapped me, tied me by the arms to the back of a moving truck, and forced me to run along behind it for the entire day.

Why do we do this to ourselves willingly? Hmmm...

For the experience, I suppose. And an experience it was!

Not sure who first thought that binding giant slippery plastic french fries to one's feet was a good idea, but whoever they were, they were likely at least a little insane. I can proudly say, however, that I broke no bones on my first ski trip!

Over all, it was a good experience. Completely terrifying, sometimes a tad frustrating, but in the end, it was also a ton of fun and a sport that I would attempt again if I get asked to do so by the right person (especially if it's that good looking guy in the above photo ;) ).

Out of the whole ski experience, you would think the run down the hill would be the scariest part, right?

I've managed to gain somewhat of a fear of dismounting the ski lift. Three out of the four times we went up it, I landed on either my face, my rear, and/or manage to get run over by the lift bench. That thing had it out for me, I tell you! The one time that I got off it without hurting myself was among the day's greatest victories.

The other great victory for me was a near-perfect run down the hill. Oh, but not that hill. No black diamonds for me- we took the green circle (that means the adult's easy hill- a notch or two up from the bunny hill, which is the shortest and easiest run). It is a lovely 2.5 mile zigzag through the forest. Some great slopes, a few short flat spots, and a lot of switchbacks.

After getting my footing on the bunny hill, my first run down the green circle ended up a mess. 

Lots of wipe-outs. There were many moments where I couldn't get up because my skis got so entangled with my legs that I couldn't change position (glad Zach was there to pull my skis off during those times... I got really stuck once or twice). I didn't know how to steer and regulate my speed well, so I frequently freaked out and stopped the only sure-fire way I knew how: plowing into the snow drifts.

Once you get the feel for it, skiing is a pretty amazing sport. My third run down was nearly flawless- the ski lift didn't try to kill me, and I only fell once- on purpose, because I overshot a turn and nearly ended up on the blue square (intermediate level) hill.

Skiing gives an intense sense of awareness.

Never have I felt so focused and in the moment. Seeing the scenery blurring in my peripheral vision, feeling the snow pelting and pricking my face, the wind blowing all around me as I zip down the hill. My eyes constantly scanning for any obstacle, and the giant slippery french fries suddenly feel like part of my body as I navigate the terrain. I'm terrified, exhilarated, and having the time of my life all at once.

Just don't look at your feet. Focus on what's in front of you. Full speed ahead, and don't lean backwards, no matter what

You've got this.


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