Monday, January 11, 2016

3 Great Reasons to Get Outside

If you are a fellow working-class individual, I am sure you are well acquainted with the mental and physical exhaustion that day-to-day life throws at you. I hold two jobs and when I am not at either of those, you can often find me taking online classes and working toward my entrepreneurial goals; it is easy to get bogged down in to-do lists and lose the energy it takes to keep up. Today, I am going to share with you three reasons why squeezing some outdoor time into your schedule can keep you going.

According to an article published in the Huffington Post by Abigail Wise, spending frequent time out in nature can increase your brain function and concentration. It can also improve your mood, relieve stress, and promote creative thinking. Not only is it great for us mentally, it is helpful to us physically as well; within her article Wise linked to a study in which older participants who spent time outdoors regularly reported less physical decline than their indoor-dwelling counterparts. Another benefit of time spent outdoors is the increase in our Vitamin D intake, which improves bone growth, cell growth, inflammation reduction and neuromuscular and immune function.

On a related note, Harvard Medical School posted in their 2010 edition of the Harvard Health Letter that people who spend more time outside are more likely to spend that time exercising. Another finding is that people who were exposed to natural sunlight during medical recovery showed fewer signs of pain, stress, and took fewer pain medications. Could it be that spending time outdoors can cause faster healing? Unfortunately, according to one government estimate, the average American spends 90% of their life indoors.

So, remind me again why I should spend time outside?

1.) It is mentally rejuvenating – You will think clearer and your brain will kick into high gear; who needs coffee?!

2.) It can make you less susceptible illness and depression – The smells of flowers and forests are proven to make us less stressed. Plus, sunlight helps you reap the many benefits of Vitamin D.

3.)  It promotes fitness – Those who spend time outdoors are far more likely to be exercising than those who hide away inside.


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